July 3, 2020 | Update


It is official, War Dog is now available at the Garrison Petawawa Canex! We would like to thank the entire Pack for your support for the past year. It has been a crazy journey and without you, we would not be at this stage. However, our work is not nearly complete. We still owe you all a retail space and patio (a true Dog House)! This is our next phase along with perfecting our newest recipe and label. We cannot tell you what it is yet but it pays homage to the first trade to use the Petawawa training area. UBIQUE is your hint ;)

While we write this post, Canex has had to order more War Dog which is a testament to all of you and your genuine appreciation for Petawawa's first brewery! We cannot thank you enough and look forward to serving and growing with you all!

A reminder that no beer is complete without the proper glass to drink out of, We are running low on our pilsner glasses so get yours quickly from our online store. Free delivery for those in the local area.

Take care, remain safe, and drink responsibly!

Brady and Richard McNish

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." Rudyard Kipling